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How to fix Ubuntu network hangs on client Hyper-V

I find I need to run various Linux distros on my work machine for my new job on the Azure Compute team. While I still run Windows 10 as my primary OS (sorry – app compat reasons) – I have installed Hyper-V Client so I can at least switch out to whatever distro I need for the task at hand. Things were working great for the most part, until i left the machine running in the background or for extended periods of time.

Then it started to happen.  The network stack would say it’s up and happy, but nothing was working.  This happened a lot while i was using Ubuntu and I couldn’t figure it out.  After some back and forth with some networking guys and virtualization guys – the following was suggested…

  1. Disable network-manager:  It just doesn’t play well with virtualized NICs and the way most hypervisors work. Sure it’s supposed to make wireless easier and things like that, but it’s not required in a virtualized environment where your network stack isn’t going to be changing on ya.
    • $ sudo systemctl stop NetworkManager.service
    • $ sudo systemctl disable NetworkManager.service
  2. Disable avahi: it seemed to be the main culprit that was causing the freezing / wonkieness of the network stack.
    • $ sudo apt-get purge -y avahi-daemon avahi-utils libavahi-core7 libavahi-gobject0
  3. don’t forget to edit your /etc/network/interfaces file to include the necessary info to enable DHCP on eth0
    • $ sudo -H gedit /etc/network/interfaces
    • edit or put in an eth0 reference I added in the following and saved the file.
      • auto eth0
      • iface eth0 inet dhcp
    • after saving and exiting the file, restart your network
      • sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart
  4. Install the updated virtual kernel, Linux tools and cloud tools (if they aren’t already present).
    • $ sudo apt-get install linux-virtual linux-tools-virtual linux-cloud-tools-virtual

Low and behold – things are now rock solid. I can leave my Ubuntu running all day, switch in and out of the VM without any issues and I know my networking stack will be in a consistent state without having to restart the VM.

Am I missing anything? Anyone else working with Ubuntu (client) inside of a windows client implementation of Hyper-V?

How To: Fix SysPrep 3.14 error for Windows 8.1 Enterprise

imageNOTE: This error does not manifest itself in 8.1 RTM. It only affects “Preview” and “Preview Apps”. See comment below for a simpler fix.

I’m in the middle of a project where I am tasked to create a standardized Virtual Machine image for developers based on Windows 8.1 Enterprise “Release Preview”. This image will be used by a variety of people in the form of a Client Hyper-V guest VM, a Boot-To-VHD VM, a VDI pilot and possibly a Windows-To-Go bootable stick.

Sounds easy enough, eh?

Create the VM, install the software, install the updates, let the customer try it out and further customize it and then signoff on it’s configuration.  Once that is all done – Package it up and make it available for use in a variety of forms (as mentioned above).

That would be easy – but there is a bug in the Windows 8.1 Enterprise Preview build 9431 which rears it’s ugly head if you:

  • Install ModernUI apps NOT provisioned for all users (like built in apps)
  • Update ModernUI apps there were NOT provisioned for all users (like built in apps)
  • Let the system run for an unspecified period of time while having internet connectivity and it updates something.

Any of these criteria and you’ll get the Sysprep 3.14 error.


If you check the logs at c:windowssystem32syspreppanther (the setupact.log) you’ll see something similar to:

    • 2013-08-02 15:02:17, Error SYSPRP Package Microsoft.WindowsReadingList_6.3.9431.175_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe was installed for a user, but not provisioned for all users. This package will not function properly in the sysprep image.
    • 2013-08-02 15:02:17, Error, SYSPRP Failed to remove apps for the current user: 0x80073cf2.
    • 2013-08-02 15:02:17, Error, SYSPRP Exit code of RemoveAllApps thread was 0x3cf2.
    • 2013-08-02 15:02:17, Error, [0x0f0082] SYSPRP ActionPlatform::LaunchModule: Failure occurred while executing ‘SysprepGeneralize’ from C:WindowsSystem32AppxSysprep.dll; dwRet = 0x3cf2

Basically you are out of luck – for THIS image and Preview Release.

My solution for this? Here’s my process for getting SysPrep to work on Windows 8.1 Entperise “Preview Release”. In my case – I am not deploying any Modern UI applications with this image.  If I was – I’d make DAMN sure they were provisioned for ALL users – not just local users, as this seems to be the issue causing Sysprep to fail.

To be specific:

  • Create the machine from scratch (if you are trying to troubleshoot this with an existing image – sorry, it’s a rebuild)
  • Disconnect it from the network / internet connectivity for the install process
  • DO NOT associate it with a Microsoft account at this time – Create a local account. This prevents the Store and ModernApps from updating themselves and breaking SysPrep in this Preview Release.
  • Once at the Desktop, open an administrator privileged PowerShell prompt.
  • Run “Get-AppxPackage | Remove-AppxPackage” at the PowerShell prompt. This will list all default installed Appx packages (which are installed per user) AND since it it piped to Remote-AppxPackage, it will remove them all.
    • you will get RED errors – this is expected due to dependencies.
  • From the Start Screen, right click and UNINSTALL the xBox music app. This app has dependencies with prevent all AppxPackages from being uninstalled
  • Run “Get-AppxPackage | Remove-AppxPackage” at the PowerShell prompt again to ensure all have been removed.
    • you will get RED errors – this is expected due to dependencies.
  • Connect back to the network / internet once again.
  • DO NOT associate a Microsoft Account for the entire time you are finishing this software install. Leave that for the SysPrep process.

I installed Visual Studio 2012, Visual Studio 2013, 20 odd components from Web Platform Installer, 3rd party software AND ran Windows Update for all products on the system.  Once I was all done – ran Sysprep with the Generalize switch and all worked FINE this time around!


Now I can use the VHDX file for a VDI pilot, Boot-From-VHD and Windows-To-Go, all as expected with this Preview Release.

Account Closed? ScrewYou Google/YouTube!

FingersThought I would catch your attention with that one.

This is one in a large number of posts / tweets / comments from a YouTube user who has had their account “deleted” never to return due to some automated process with no course for HUMAN intervention to get something fixed.

Best you can do is fill out a form and hope for something to come through with assistance.

Wait a second – Microsoft Hotmail does something similar for compromised accounts / deleted accounts.  I just does it with more options – IMO.

(Full Disclosure – I work for Microsoft, in case you didn’t know)

That being said – I at least KNOW that there are humans that can engage and respond to fix things when the automated processes don’t work and your “persona” gets munched with your account. How do I know – I AM one of those people and I also have engaged the mechanisms to get stuff fixed with Hotmail and it worked. (It recently got even better, but that’s for another post)

I’m Pissed because My channel “RegularITGuy” had videos and screencasts posted and embedded on a number of properties. Long story short – it was associated with the wrong Google account and I wanted to bring it over to one happy fully connected account. All the support forum queries/searches and form filling out processes turned up MOOT on the ability to move it over and have it associated. At one point I deleted and re-associated account and assumed channel would move over – NO GOOD. Then I was at least able to get the account back and channel re-linked to wrong account and all was well.

or so I thought.

All the videos on this site are now busted because the Channel was not linked correctly and probably timed out (each time I would login to YouTube I would re-prompt me to link the Channel to the Account) due to some automated glitch.

OK – so now I can re-create the channel with the same name – NOPE.

emails, tweets, support queries and forms all came back as moot – no response.



This is something that Online Providers have to figure out. Granted it’s a free service, you get what you pay for, including the service and community support.

Yes – before anyone Rants on me – Microsoft can have similar issues as well for free services, but we’re trying to make it more human and better. I’ve heard GOOD things and bad things about the process and as I’ve mentioned before – I’ve been involved when people reached out to me to help. 

Where is Google’s equivalent to help? If you know them I’d sure like to meet them. Heck – maybe they can help. Smile

In the mean time – I’ve given up hope and created a new channel with the orriginal Google Account I thought was used to create the orriginal channel…


Now I have to re-upload all my content! Grrrrrrrr.

Windows Live Writer and WordPress Image Uploads

imageOk – not exactly the first post I wanted to put up – but I’ve spent the better part of an evening with @energizedTech helping me figure out why I have been unable to easily upload blog posts with images imbedded in them written by LiveWriter. I was leaving the default options of using the RPC connectivity to upload the files correctly into the Media library on the WP blog – nothing was working if the image pixels were over 300 x whatever – it just failed!

Web interface was no help either – I’d go into media libraries, manually upload a larger file (600 x 399 as an example) and it would error out on me after uploading with a simple red HTTP Error – seeming to fail.  But – with a refresh of the library contents – low and behold – the file would be there! To include it into a post – it would be a manual edit/add into a post to include the picture from the media library and finally – the thing would be done.

not exactly your easiest fix to get this working. Kinda stupid really. Got any ideas – I am all ears!

My work around for now? Using the FTP upload option properly configured to my particular hosting provider (1 and 1) and blog location.


Rockin’ it old school – just for some screenshots and simple image uploads! Thanks LiveWriter for having some flexibility on image storage options.

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