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New Azure Planned Maintenance logs and Premium Storage details

A while back I chatted with Drew McDaniel about G-Series machines on Azure and he teased about Premium Storage (SSD based) availability in Azure. Well – that was enough to pique my interest, so I invited him back to talk about it in more detail.  He talks about Premium Storage and some more details on our “Scale Up” G-Series machines on this episode of The Edge Show.

But Wait – there’s more!

Kenaz Kwa comes along and gives us the details on the new availability of Log data around Planned Maintenance in Azure.  In the past – you knew your machines might have been rebooted due to scheduled maintenance, but not much more details. Now you can query and have access to detailed logs about the maintenance and restart details on each of your VMs – all via PowerShell. More info is always good when it comes to planned downtime.

Check out the full details in the video below:

Useful Links:

Azure News:

Connect with the Edge Team:


Microsoft Ignite countdown: The One About Getting Certified and Not-To-Miss Places in Chicago

Here is the third installment of the Microsoft Ignite countdown show – where Joey and I talk about all things certification.  Take advantage of the %50 off certification exams and all the study resources while you are attending this awesome technology event in Chicago from May 4th to 8th. We’re talking study halls, prep sessions and practice test resources – all targeted to help you pass whatever Microsoft exam you have in your sights.

(Personally – I plan on knocking off my 70-534 – Azure Architecture exam while I am on site.)

We’re also continuing to paint some more “Colour” about the host city: Chicago.  This time we’ve got some ideas on WHAT ELSE you can do while in town for the conference.  I tell ya – I loved the Art Gallery – definitely a must see!  Check out the video below for full details.

Don’t forget! Microsoft Ignite is May 4–8 in Chicago at McCormick Place. Register today.

Countdown to #MSIgnite – Pre-Day sessions and more places to eat

Have you seen that the Pre-Day speakers and sessions are listed now on http://ignite.microsoft.com ?  Add on one day of depth learning on over 17 topics the day before the official Microsoft Ignite conference starts. Joey and I cover off what’s available and how to register.  Also – in case you don’t know Chicago well – we’ve included a few more places to eat and drink in order to take care of your essential requirements of Coffee, Beer and Sky View social drinks.  Have a look:

Rick and Joey took us to their favorite hot-spots for coffee, hand-crafted beer, steaks, seafood, and cocktails. Watch the video, check out their websites, and add them to your dinning agenda.

La Colombe Coffee
These guys take coffee to a whole new level, with a roast for every taste—and then some. Open daily, 7:00am – 7:00pm, this is the perfect place to grab a cup on the way to the convention center, or to keep you going into the evening. Check out their cold pressed black coffee by the bottle. You may want to pick some up to bring home!

Website: http://www.lacolombe.com/

Goose Island Beer Co.
Now that you’re awake, you may want to try some beer tasting… and this is the place to do it. Goose Island offers a mind-boggling array of craft brews, all made on-premises. New infusions are tapped every Monday, made with fresh fruit selected by the brewer from the local farmers’ market. They offer bourbon-aged beer, a process they pioneered, aging beer in whiskey barrels to bring the barrels’ character to their brew. Grab a bite to eat and a beer sampler. Warning: There are so many brews, you’ll have to visit more than once. Public tours offered Saturday and Sunday, with private tours by appointment.

Website: http://www.gooseisland.com

Tavern On Rush
If steaks and seafood are on your agenda, Tavern On Rush is your destination. The chef’s Louisiana roots show through in the great Cajun flavors you’ll find on their menu, but they are most famous for their prime aged steaks and chops and some of the freshest seafood in Chicago. They offer white jacket/white cloth dining upstairs, the bustling and casual Tavern downstairs, as well as outdoor patio dining. For groups, two semi-private reception rooms and a private dining space can be reserved.

Website: http://www.tavernonrush.com/

Roof on the WIT
Travel 27 floors up to the panoramic views of downtown Chicago from Roof on the WIT. “Dress to impress” is the dress code for this intimate, modern bar and nightclub. It has a max capacity of 250, so we highly recommend a table reservation. Cozy up by the fire and enjoy a craft cocktail, wine, and something delicious from their eclectic small plates menu.

Website: http://www.roofonthewit.com/

Keep watching for more tips on making the most of your experience at Ignite, and more ways to enjoy Chicago!


#PingShow 235 – Lumia Wireless Charger, Risk for Xbox and Office Touch!

Mark was out – I so I asked if my good buddy Joey could step in and help out with this episode of The Ping Show. As always – lots of fun talking about stuff… Have a look.

Yup – we’re back – covering the news items MSFTies are Ping’in each other about.

[T4:41] Microsoft’s new Wireless Phone Charger.

[T6:41] Cody’s App Academy – programming skills for kids.

[T8:14] RISK now available for Xbox One

[T9:44] Windows 10 for Raspberry Pi 2.

[T8:14] RISK now available for Xbox One

[T11:31] The Next Chapter of Office on Windows


Question of the Week!

[T13:44]  What territory is your go-to choice when playing Risk?

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Interview with Jeffrey Snover: Windows Server Futures

One of the cool things I get to do (and I am still giddy about) is to get the opportunity to have a chat / interview with the likes of a Distinguished Engineer and lead architect for Windows Server and System Center – Jeffrey Snover.

My friends in the UK Subsidiary of Microsoft were holding their TechDays Online event and wanted me to act as a host / facilitator for Jeffrey’s keynote.

Who am I to turn down such an opportunity?

Tune in to hear what Jeffrey has to say and get a glimpse into what we’re planning for the next release.

#PingShow 234: Leatherman Wearable, NASA and Office for iOS / Android

Mark and I are back – covering the news items MSFTies are Ping’in each other about. We have now completed 4 in a row – does that qualify as an established habit or addiction?

Question of the Week!

[17:13]  What attachments or devices would you integrate into new Leatherman bracelet?

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#PingShow 233: DropBox WP App, Brain Games and Freakin’ Holograms!

Mark and I are trying to get back into a rhythm. We’re covering the news items MSFTies are Ping’in each other about. We cover your comments from last time and are trying to talk about OTHER new items since the BIG Windows event on January 21st… It’s hard. 😉


Question of the Week!

What kind of experiences would YOU like to see in a Holographic world?

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Edge Show 122: Azure Automation Runbook Gallery with Beth Cooper

In this episode of The Edge Show – I catch up with some of my Azure RSS feeds and discover this little announcement and blog post by Beth Cooper, Program Manager on the Azure Automation team. After a quick exchange of emails – I managed to get her to come down and give us a tour of this cool option and tell us how anyone in the community can contribute their own Runbooks!


Partner Corner:

  • Silect Software Inc gives you a tool to help design and develop new Management Packs (MPs) for Operations Manager 2012 or customize existing MPs through an easy-to-use wizard-driven interface, without knowledge of the underlying MP structure or XML development.  Check out http://www.mpauthor.com for details.



Ping 224 Band Seeking, predicting the future, Creative Sway, Windows Insiders, Forza Horizons 2 and Middle Earth

Hey everybody! Welcome back to Ping!  It’s episode 224, which is 2+2=4!!!.  (Yes, we passed math – or at least Mark did). 224 episode of what MSFTies are pingin’ each other about.

[03:32] Cortana will never let you miss a concert by your favorite bands

[05:18]  Microsoft is trying to predict the future, and so far it’s succeeding

[07:04] Microsoft’s new Sway app is a tool to build elegant websites

[09:12] Join the Windows Insider Program and get the Windows 10 Technical Preview

[10:56] The Top 5 Cars to Pick Up First in Forza Horizon 2

[14:07] Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Review


[16:17] Question of the week! What commands would you like Cortana to respond to with Home Automation OR what NEW Interests would you like to see in there?


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Ping 223: CastleStorm, xBox One Comedy Central app, Inbox Personality Rules, MSFT Hardware and Home Automation

Hey everybody! Welcome back to Ping!  It’s episode 223, which is country code, not an area code.  Travel schedules and studio availability got the best of us this past week – sorry about that!  As a bonus – there were LOTS of comments on 222 – so much so, we took the first 9 minutes of the show talking about them all!  But we digress….

We talk about your suggestions about the coolest cooler and more these stories that we’ve been pinging each other about…

[T9:09] CastleStorm: Definitive Edition available for xBox One

[T10:22] Cancel Your Plans: Comedy Central’s Now on xBox One

[T11:37] Give your inbox a personality with Advanced Rules in Outlook.com

[T14:12] Microsoft Creates a keyboard for iOS and Android tablets

[T15:37] Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter

[T18:15] Insteon integrates with Microsoft Cortana for voice control in the home


[T14:32] Question of the week! What commands would you like Cortana to respond to with Home Automation?


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