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Cool Stuff to do in Chicago During Microsoft Ignite

As part of the Countdown to Microsoft Ignite show, Joey and I got a chance to do a whirlwind tour of Chicago.  We took along a camera crew and filmed at 25 different locations ranging from breweries, museums, restaurants, bars, public parks and coffee joints. This was an awesome experience organized by one of our colleagues (Denise) who handles (among other things) the community experience during Microsoft Ignite.

These videos have been sprinkled over 6 countdown shows.  I highly recommend you watch the whole series of countdown shows, but if you are JUST looking for things to do – I decided to compile a list with links AND direct video snips of each location.


Restaurants / Places to Eat

Ginos East Deep Dish Pizza (Click For Video)
Twitter: @ginoseast

Portillos (Click For Video)
Twitter: @PortillosHotDog

The Berghoff Restaurant (Click For Video)
Twitter: @BerghoffChicago

Breweries and Distilleries

CH Distillery (Click For Video)
Twitter: @CHDistillery

Goose Island Brewery (Click For Video)
Twitter: @GooseIsland

Revolution Brewery (Click for Video)
Twitter: @revbrewchicago

Lagunitas Brewery (Click for Video)
Twitter: @lagunitasbeer

Ultimate Coffee

La Colombe coffee (Click For Video)
Twitter: @lacolombecoffee


Tavern on Rush (Click For Video)
Twitter: @TavernOnRush

Roof on the Wit Bar (Click for Video)
Twitter: @ROOFontheWit

Paddy Longs (Click for Video)
Twitter: @PaddyLongs

Buddy Guys Blues bar (Click for Video)
Twitter: @BuddyGuys

Rockit Bar and Grill (Click for Video)
Twitter: @rockit

Things to do:

Magnificent Mile (Click for Video)
Twitter: @TheMagMile

Art Institute of Chicago (Click For Video)
Twitter: @artinstitutechi

John Hancock tower and 360 Chicago experience (Click For Video)
Twitter: @360chiviews

River Architecture Tour (Click for Video)
Twitter: @CFLCruises

Millennium Park (Click for Video)
Twitter: @millennium_park

The United center (Click for Video)
Twitter: @unitedcenter

Science Museum  (Click for Video)
Twitter: @msichicago

Second City Comedy Club (Click for Video)
Twitter: @TheSecondCity

Wrigley field – The Cubs (Click for Video)
Twitter: @Cubs

Navy Pier (Click for Video)
Twitter: @navypier

If you made it this far – you might want the list of the episodes these all came from:

I hope to see you at the event! If you see the GreenHat – stop and say Hi !

Tips for what to pack for Microsoft Ignite

A while back I did a video of “what’s in Ricks Suitcase” as a way to talk about what to bring to a technical conference. There are a multitude of advice blog entries that have all sorts of information – they should give you some good ideas to com up with your own strategy.

We’re two weeks out before Microsoft Ignite. In this countdown show, Joey and I cover off some stuff around what to bring, some more new things (like finding new session content and unpublished / recently published content) and how to schedule SIDE MEETINGS with yourself and other attendees / speakers.

Countdown to Microsoft Ignite: whole lot of What’s New

Microsoft Ignite is less than 3 weeks away… Holy Cow!  This week’s Countdown Show focuses on what’s new and noteworthy at Microsoft Ignite. If you’ve attended Microsoft events in the past, you’ll see some familiar elements at Ignite, as well as some new opportunities and experiences. Joey and I will walk you through what’s changed, what’s new, and what you can look forward to in Chicago.

Tuesdays with Corey: OS Disk size update and IaaS Backup

Corey Sanders, Principal PM on the Azure Compute team brings us two quick tidbits about base OS disk size changes and cool information about the new Azure IaaS VM Backup service.

Post any questions, topic ideas or general conversation here in the comments OR online on Twitter using #AzureTwC. You never know – you might make it to an upcoming episode and be a virtual star of the show.

Countdown to Microsoft Ignite: Craft Beers and Bacon

The Countdown Show continues, with Episode 8! Rick and Joey cover the details of remote badge pickup, which is our Hot Tip of the week. They also fill you in on some agenda updates and hopefully inspire you to get on stage with us at Ignite Rocks! They saved the best for last, as they take you to our final four “Best of Chicago” establishments. Beer and bacon, anyone?

Keep watching the Countdown Show! Next week’s episode will feature more news and tips. If you have specific questions (or suggestions), we’d love to hear them, so please share on the Forums at http://channel9.msdn.com/Forums/MicrosoftIgnite.

Microsoft Ignite is May 4–8 in Chicago at McCormick Place. Register today.

Countdown to Microsoft Ignite with newbie tips and more colour!

While we will definitely have a show dedicated to tips for Conference Newbies, Joey and I share some quick tips as questions have been coming up in the CH9 forums.  We add in some more Colour about our host city of Chicago – this time visiting the landmark Wrigley Field, Navy Pier and jamming with some cool blues at Buddy Guys.

Have you registered yet? Why not?  Get in there – http://ignite.microsoft.com/register

Catch more questions and answers on the CH9 Forums and also on twitter with the #msignite hashtag.



Tuesdays with Corey Sanders re-launch. #AzureTwC

A while back Corey Sanders and Cameron Rogers created a video series called “Tuesdays With Corey” which was featured on Facebook – usually every Tuesday. It was good fun, informal and short bite sized chunks of info.  As with most regular video episodes, as time progressed – it got harder and harder to get these out on a regular basis. I sit in meetings with Corey every week where he would get asked about kicking this thing off again – so I approached him about rebooting the series and offered to help produce these on a more regular basis.

Same format, same “gorilla style” shooting – only change is hopefully some better audio and hosting the files on Channel 9.

Well…. what do you think?

The plan is to have these ready to go and you’ll see the episodes up on Facebook and socialized on a variety of networks on Tuesdays – starting on March 17th… I’ll post them here as well.

Got any questions? Any things you’d like to know or see about Azure? Use the comments here or tweet out using the #AzureTwC hashtag.

Microsoft Ignite Conference Bag reveal

OK – believe it or not, people really, REALLY like to know what kind of swag you are going to get when attending a conference. One of the items that gets asked about A LOT is will there be a bag and what will it look like? Joey and I got our hands on the Microsoft Ignite conference BAG(s) and will give you a tour of what they are like and how they are constructed.   We’ve got all things bag covered.  My question to you is are you an #IgniteBlue, #IgniteYellow, #IgniteGreen or #IgniteOrange?

Interoperability? Azure is open for business

You don’t go building a table with only a Hammer, do you? You need a diverse set of tools and materials to make any kind of project, be it furniture or advanced infrastructure. We’ve come to recognize this and have been working hard to ensure you have an awesome heterogeneous experience both on premises and in Azure.

To be completely honest, most of my professional career has been in the Windows world with the last 10 ish years working AT Microsoft.  I’ve supported projects that included Linux or OSS tech/apps here and there – generally involving whatever the developer / infrastructure folks liked to use and were comfortable working with at the time.  I am a big believer in the philosophy of “If you work in the IT space, you should keep your options open and work with as many technologies as you can”.


I have to update the numbers on this slide constantly when talking about Azure. The one square that gets a lot of attention is the Linux one. Approximately 20% of Azure IaaS workloads are running on Linux which is able to take advantage of all of the infrastructure and capabilities Azure has to offer – just like Windows VMS. If your on-premises environment isn’t an “All Windows” shop – DON’T WORRY… Microsoft Azure is ready and waiting for your heterogeneous Hybrid datacenter.

If you are looking for information about how to work with Azure and deploy Linux and OSS workloads on our cloud platform – the first place you will probably look is to your search engine of choice.  You are not alone. I was chatting with a documentation writer on our Azure team who mentioned while most enterprises rely on support contracts to gain access to resources and information when working on projects, Open Source folks tend to rely on community posts, support forums and online documentation when things go south.  We weren’t doing a great job with keeping up with all the updates and changes in a timely fashion, especially with our Linux and OSS docs. It was getting so bad that people were thinking we didn’t care.

Well – that is starting to change.

We recently announced a change to our documentation portal- opening it up for ANYONE to contribute, correct or author their own docs that will be found on Azure.com. All you need is a GitHub account, some guidance on how to contribute and know where our repository is found.  I recently shot a video during an internal Hack-A-Doc event where some folks from the Azure Virtual Machine team were participating in a mass GitHub and documentation process training. We are serious about wanting help to make this experience better – have a look at the video below:

As you can see, all of our investments in our cloud services is available equally to both Microsoft and Linux/OSS operating systems.  We’re getting our act together when it comes to documentation. I’ll be doing my part here by writing posts that include both Microsoft and Non Microsoft technologies – running on Azure.

When you are ready to run your heterogeneous on-premises workloads in a hybrid environment, we’re ready to support your efforts whole heartedly.

Countdown to Microsoft Ignite – Forum Q&A, Zambonies, The Bean and MORE

Here is the 4th installment of the Countdown to Microsoft Ignite show. Joey and I decide to take some Q and A from the Channel 9 forum and from “The Twitters” in order to answer your questions about Microsoft Ignite. You are welcome to post more questions here, in the forums or using the #MSIgnite hashtag on twitter and we’ll do our best to keep on answering them!

Of course we also include some more colour of Chicago in this one, including ME fulfilling every Canadian’s dream of riding a Zamboni on an NHL playing surface.

What else can I say.

Don’t forget to REGISTER for Microsoft Ignite – taking place May 4th to 8th in CHICAGO!

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