Feedback Requested: Microsoft Azure Linux Doc survey

I’ve been working on a project with a number of people working to make our Azure VM documentation a better place.  Documentation is something I am rather passionate about. I believe all things live and die by their usability and documentation.

About 6 months ago I was involved in the big SPLIT of our Azure VM docs into Windows and Linux docs.  Why the split? It allowed us to focus on some new styles and “voice” of the docs to better hit our target user base. This split and new focus was well received for the most part. But we need to keep on focusing on how we can improve.

Feedback is critical to our success.  We’ve been collecting feedback from known individuals, MVPs, Community Members and partners on how we’re doing.  Most of the feedback has been good along with constructive criticism on how we can continue to improve. We’re quick to validate comments and implement changes to make things even better. Lots of work under the covers to end up with an even better experience.

Now it’s YOUR TURN to help out. I’d like to collect even MORE feedback from anyone who has 5 minutes or less to give their opinion. Do you use Linux as part of your role in IT today? Are you familiar with AWS and Linux AMI images? Have you tried Azure Linux VMs?

If so – head over to Azure VM Compute (Linux) to have a quick perusal of the docs. Then head over to and tell us what you think.

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. know any Linux SysAdmins or MSFT folks that work in the linux space? Forward them this link or Share it out on your social networks.

Thanks for the help!


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