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Azure IaaS Week for IT Pros: Day 4 Speaker Lineup – Regular IT guy

Azure IaaS Week for IT Pros: Day 4 Speaker Lineup

I talked about this event I’ve been wrangling speakers for a while back, so I thought I’d put together a quick little post brokenhh down by DAY with all the details about speakers and their sessions in one spot. I’ve been capturing these quick intros for each speaker with details about their session and also some fun tidbits about them outside of work. This is the ONE STOP SHOP for day FOUR – a comprehensive list of topics and Speaker Bios you can review before the big event on December 1st through the 4th at http://channel9.msdn.com.

There are four 1 hour sessions per day, each wrapped around a theme. Todays theme is:

Day 4:  Optimize Windows Workload Architecture and Administration Capabilities Within Azure

Identity which of your applications and services are critical in your on-premises environment. Leverage your investment in Active Directory (and other directories) and setup a synchronization with Azure Active Directory to simplify authentication in this Cloud world. You will learn what capabilities each offering has as well as how to configure them to be used for single sign on with over 2000+ Software-As-A-Service offerings like Office365, Salesforce, DropBox enterprise and more.

As an IT Professional managing applications that are currently on premises, you understand what is involved in maintaining all the underpinnings to the IIS Application. What if you could take those applications and move them to a Platform as a Service offering like Azure Websites, where you no longer need to worry about the underlying infrastructure hosting platform, allowing you to focus on what is important to you – your applications. The first step is understanding Azure Websites. Learn how to work with your development team to target a PaaS offering like Azure Websites in order to get ease of scale, load balancing, rapid deployment, staging sites and more

Need a complementary database technology to go along with those PaaS solutions? Want to get some geo-diversified protection that isn’t going to break the bank? With the recent announcements around SQL Azure, more and more organizations are looking at how to leverage these capabilities.

Now that SharePoint is a supported workload on Azure IaaS, the next step is determining the design considerations and limitations that you need to be aware of before deploying your next SharePoint solution. This session has you covered. Learn from the team who has created the detailed spec on how to deploy SharePoint in Azure IaaS and also see how MSIT is doing it for our internal customers.

It is going to be an action packed day!

Don’t forget to register!!!!

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Register through Microsoft Virtual Academy to receive reminder mails for this event and to obtain details for receiving a voucher for 50 percent off the exam price if taken by January 31st. Join the conversation on Twitter using #LevelUpAzure.

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