Ping 223: CastleStorm, xBox One Comedy Central app, Inbox Personality Rules, MSFT Hardware and Home Automation

Hey everybody! Welcome back to Ping!  It’s episode 223, which is country code, not an area code.  Travel schedules and studio availability got the best of us this past week – sorry about that!  As a bonus – there were LOTS of comments on 222 – so much so, we took the first 9 minutes of the show talking about them all!  But we digress….

We talk about your suggestions about the coolest cooler and more these stories that we’ve been pinging each other about…

[T9:09] CastleStorm: Definitive Edition available for xBox One

[T10:22] Cancel Your Plans: Comedy Central’s Now on xBox One

[T11:37] Give your inbox a personality with Advanced Rules in

[T14:12] Microsoft Creates a keyboard for iOS and Android tablets

[T15:37] Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter

[T18:15] Insteon integrates with Microsoft Cortana for voice control in the home


[T14:32] Question of the week! What commands would you like Cortana to respond to with Home Automation?


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